Always get advice from your vet before proceeding to treat your horse.

Different aliments will need different treatments.

Know Your Horses Vital Signs:

  • Resting heart rate on average 30-40 beats per minute

  • Temperature should be around 37-38 degree Celsius 

  • Resting respiratory rate about 8-15 breaths per minute


What Your Kit Should Include:

  • Vets Number

  • Thermometer 

  • Cotton Wool

  • Hibi-scrub / antibacterial cleanser

  • Wound dressings

  • Vet wrap

  • Syringe

  • Wound spray / cream

  • Poultice

  • Bandages

  • Scissors


Top Tips On Keeping Your First Aid Kit:


  • Always make sure you have a first aid kit in an easy to access, clean place.

  • Make sure all equipment is stored in a clean box.

  • Always re-stock your kit after you have used something.