Grooming benefits both horse and rider.

  • Provides bonding between you and your horse. It can  also help build trust and trust can improve your relationship both on the ground and while riding.

  • Helps keep you fit

  • Good way to check your horse over for any changes in coat, behavior this could indicate something is wrong.

  • Easy way to check for any cuts or grazes  

  • Picking out hooves daily can help prevent hoof problems such as thrush.

  • Stops a build up of dirt and dust.

A basic grooming kit should include:

  • Body brush - for brushing face, mane, tail and legs. Also body for stable kept horses as it is softer than other brushes.

  • Dandy brush - for brushing off stuck on dirt, and better for field kept horses as it doesn't remove horse's essential oils.

  • Hoof pick - to keep hooves clean and to prevent a build up of dirt and stones that can cause problems.

  • Mane / tail comb/brush - to brush manes & tails

  • Sponge - to wipe clean eyes and muzzle.


  • Curry combs - Rubber to help remove dirt - Plastic to clean your dandy brush - Metal to clean your body brush

  • Bot knife - to remove bot eggs safely

  • Hoof oil brush - to apply oil to the outside of a horses hoof

  • Sweat scraper - to remove access water from your horse after being washed

  • Cactus mitt - helps remove stains

  • Scissors - trim feathers and tails.