Easy-Net Hay net

  • Quick and easy to fill, this innovative haynet features an elasticated bungee which not only holds the net open for filling, it also makes a simple job of hanging – no tying or knotting, simply clip the hook to the base of the haynet.
  • The net self-adjusts as the hay is eaten, ensuring the net does not trail on the ground.
  •  The small mesh slows down eating to help with digestion.

  • Easy to carry multiple haynets, easy to fill, no tying or knotting, encourages slow eating.

  • Black haynet with white bungee

  • 36" net holds up to 6kg

  • 40" net holds up to 9kg

  • 46" net holds up to 12kg

Easy-Net Hay net

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£11.69Sale Price