NAF Oilovite

  • A broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement, blended with soya, linseed and hemp oils for general health and a glossy coat.

  • Modern grazing tends to be limited in species of herbs, grasses and legumes, therefore there is a danger some essential nutrients for general health are deficient in the diet.

  • In addition, vitamins and minerals are frequently lost in the processing of preserved forage and concentrate feed.

  • Lastly, some soils can be deficient in micro nutrients. Oilovite provides an economical supply of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids needed in every physiological pathway, including bone and tissue growth and repair.

  • The formula contains essential amino acids which the horse cannot synthesise himself and which are required for protein metabolism. A blend of soya, linseed and hemp oil is included to naturally support condition and shine.

  • Please allow 7 days delivery for 3kg & 10kg (Customer special orders)

NAF Oilovite